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Our Programs

Barham Preschool & Early Learning Centre

At our Centre we offer both quality Preschool Programs as well as Long Day Care Programs

Preschool Programs

Kookaburra Room- 4/5 year old Preschool – 5 days a week from 8.30am – 2.50pm

Possum’s Room – 3/4 year old Preschool – 3 days a week from 9am – 2pm

Long Day Care

Dragonfly’s Room – Long Day Care – 5 days a week from 8am – 6pm


What your child will learn

A quality preschool program will give your child many experiences. These experiences will help the child to develop and learn in all areas. Among many things your child will experience and learn to:

  • Use language
  • Get along with others
  • Be confident
  • Draw, paint, sing and dance
  • Find out, explore and solve problems.

Your child will learn about her/himself, other people, the community and our world. They will learn skills and gain information that will help them to become good learners, readers and writers. Your child will learn how to get along with other children by:

  • Being caring and kind
  • Being positive about people who are not like them
  • Showing feelings in good ways
  • Helping others and getting help from others
  • Learning good ways to work out conflicts
  • Working with others to get things done.

Learning in the early years matters, they can learn lifelong skills. Skills which can make a difference to a child later in education, work and life.

If you have any concerns or information you wish to share please see your child’s educators, we are here for your children.

Clothing Requirements

In Summer, children must come to the centre wearing sandals rather than thongs – thongs are dangerous when running, climbing etc. Children must have a hat with a brim each day in summer and must wear clothing that protects them from the sun. Shirts & dresses must have a sleeve, NO bare shoulders please.

In Winter, children can wear slippers indoors and gumboots outdoors. Warm coats and beanies is advisable if it is really cold.

What your child needs each day

  • A bag.  (Containing a change of clothes is a good idea – at least underwear, pants and socks.)
  • Food for snack time. (Please read the information below carefully.)
  • A hat is essential.  (With a brim or neck and ear protection.)
  • A Library bag – for 4 year olds wishing to borrow books.
  • All children attending will also need to bring their lunch & a drink bottle with water only, other drinks will be sent home and we will provide your child with a drink of water as needed.

Food for snack and lunchtime

nut_poster[1]It is the policy of the Preschool to encourage families to provide, and children to eat, a healthy snack and lunch. Water is all the children will be allowed to drink; a drink bottle from home is to be sent each session.

  • Food provided for SNACKS should be fruit, vegetables, cheese, dried fruits etc. Please do not send muesli bars, fruit bars, biscuits, chips, cakes etc. These will be sent home.
  • Food provided for LUNCHES should be nutritious, adequate in quantity and appropriate for the children’s development. Food that is simple to eat with fingers e.g. sandwiches (with a nutritious filling), a piece of cake or biscuit and a piece of fruit is preferred. If sending a “treat” in lunches, one is enough. Please do not send “junk” food e.g. chips, twisties and lollies as they will be sent home.
  • PRESCHOOL IS A NUT FREE ZONE. Do not send peanuts in any form, including peanut butter or nutella sandwiches, due to allergies.

If children have any special dietary needs due to their culture, religion or because of allergies, please notify the Director.

Food for snack and lunch is NOT shared, the children eat what they bring, so be realistic in what you send them to preschool with.

Snack and lunch will need to be packed into 2 separate boxes. PLEASE NAME BOXES CLEARLY – your child’s first name is sufficient.

A small box for the snack, with the food cut up and peeled if necessary, ready for your child to eat. If you send a whole piece of fruit e.g. a banana or apple, we will cut them up but they must be in a box, not loose.

Lunch will also need to be packed in a lunch box that is not too large and can be put in the refrigerator, so please do not send large cool-pack type boxes that take up a lot of room – they will not be put in the refrigerator as we do not have the space. Lunch boxes will be replaced in the children’s bags when they have finished with any un-eaten food still in them so you can see what has been eaten.