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Welcome to Barham Preschool

Welcome to all our families, we hope you and your children enjoy your time with us at the Barham Preschool.

This year (2016) we are naming our rooms

  • 4/5yr olds: Kookaburra’s
  • 3/4yr olds: Possum’s

Staff in 2016

This year staff members are:

  • Director/3yr old Teacher (Possum’s room) – Kylie McGowan
  • Assistant (Kookaburra’s) – Angie Bell
  • Teacher, 4 – 5 yr olds (Kookaburra’s) – Cassie Biti
  • Assistant, (Possum’s & Kookaburra’s) – Kelly Green
  • Assistant (Possum’s) – Claire Landini
  • Office/Administration Assistant – Carolyn Lake

Enrolment Details

It is important that we have current details on your child’s enrolment forms.

Please let us know if any of you child’s enrolment details have changed. Many of our 4 year old families filled in these forms over 12 months ago and some information maybe out of date or changed over this time.

E.g. – Addresses, Phone numbers, Emergency contacts details, information about who is allowed to pick up your child from preschool, and any Allergies or Asthma that may have developed over the past 12 months.  If you have information that needs to be change please see Kylie or Cassie.

Immunisation Details

Has your child had their 4 year old immunisation?

We require current immunisation certificates to keep our immunisation register up to date. Please bring these into preschool soon after immunisations are complete.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Roster

Please fill in our lawn mowing roster which can be found in the foyer of each room.

Each of our families are asked to help us out once a year with the lawn mowing and keeping our outdoor play area clean and tidy.

Each child’s family is rostered on for a weekend and this can be done anytime from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. If you get the whole family involved this would not take to long at all.

Our centre is a community based centre and we need you, our community to keep it running successfully and looking good.

If you are unable to do your roster on a given weekend please arrange a swap with another family and let Staff know, 0r see us and we maybe able to arrange a swap for you.

Fruit Duty/ Parent Helper Roster

These rosters are also located in the foyer for families to fill in.

We need one parent helper each session to stay and help us out with snack time / or lunch time routines, cleaning dishes and helping with activities in the play room.

We hope all children and families enjoy their time with us at the Barham Preschool.

If you have any concerns or questions about our programs or your children’s progress please don’t hesitate to ask or arrange a time to see staff members.

School Terms

Term 1: February 4th – April 8th

Term 2: April 26th – July 1st

Term 3: July 18th – September 23rd

Term 4: October 10th – December 16th


We look forward to a fun filled year with all of our children and families.

Regards, Kylie, Cassie, Angie, Kelly & Claire.